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A Unique Opportunity to Own a Spectacular Estate in Zamora, Ecuador


Located in the city of Zamora, province of Zamora Chinchipe, southern Ecuador, this property is a unique and extraordinary opportunity for the discerning buyer looking for an exclusive retreat in an unexplored and tranquil area.

Boasting a prime location just a walking distance from the city center and adjacent to the main road, the property is surrounded by stunning waterfalls and primary forest, and has its own natural water sources, including springs and a creek that flows by the property.

The property features a private micro-hydroelectric system, which provides power along with public electricity, and has a developed internal road with terraces, ready for construction or development. The estate also includes over 1,000 varieties of cultivated and developing plants, 17 varieties of bamboo, and exotic flowers and orchids, making it a botanical paradise.

The sloping topography of the estate allows for a microclimate, with cooler temperatures at the lower elevation, comfortable terraces in the middle, and a native forest with a variety of flora and fauna at the top. The property also offers opportunities to enjoy nature and wildlife, with regular visits from monkeys, coatis, opossums, and a variety of birds.

For those who enjoy the comforts of modern living while still immersed in nature, the property features a charming cabin with stunning views. Additionally, a waterfall and small pool provide a soothing and natural soundtrack to relax and unwind.

The property sits on a flat land of 4,071 square meters next to the main road, and a sloping land with terraces of 76,155 square meters, for a total area of 8.2 hectares.

This one-of-a-kind property offers the best of both worlds - city and nature - and is situated in front of the cleanest river in the area, the Bombuscaro River, which flows from the Podocarpus National Park, providing the opportunity for swimming and enjoying the pristine waters.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a truly magnificent estate in one of Ecuador's most tranquil and unspoiled areas.

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