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Cattle farm for sale: invest in nature!

Farm land
Romerillos Farm
flat land
Romerillos casa
wide flat spaces
ideal for livestock or horses
Romerillos - panoramica
Gently sloping topography
Finca Romerillos
Property Description

This beautiful cattle farm in Romerillos, Zamora Chinchipe is a unique investment opportunity. The property has a total area of 67.5 hectares, of which 40 hectares are grassland and the rest are natural forest lands. The farm has a wooden house, as well as a stable for cattle breeding.

The farm is self-sufficient in terms of water, thanks to a natural spring that provides drinking water for domestic use and a stream that provides water for the pastures.

The farm is easily accessible from the main road that leads to the Romerillos area, with an entrance and an internal road that connects the different areas of the property. The farm has undulating terrain, with gentle hills that offer panoramic views of the area.

In summary, this cattle farm is perfect for those looking to live in a rural environment and enjoy nature. The property is located in a quiet and safe area, surrounded by mountains and forests, ideal for cattle breeding and agriculture.

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