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Finca con rio
finca en venta
finca de venta
Hermosa finca
finca ganadera en venta
Property Description

Just 20 minutes from the city of Zamora, with vehicular access, it borders two water springs on its sides and in the lower part with the Zamora River. This farm is ideal for livestock due to its abundant grasslands, as well as fruit trees such as; Guaba, guava, banana, cassava, lemon, pitahaya, soursop, bananas and timber, as well as tilapia pools.

At the entrance of the property there is a construction in gray work of 4m x 8m; where 2 independent rooms and kitchen are projected. In the middle part it also has a wooden house, large flat and semi-flat spaces suitable for building where you can get spectacular panoramic views.

The plus is this super property is its limit with the Zamora River, where on its shore it has a beautiful beach of fertile land. As well as native forest in the upper part with their respective waterfalls.

Price: $85,000 dollars

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