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Enjoy the tranquility at home next to the mountains

Property Description

A long cobble stone entry way adorned with lush green trees on both sides, sweet aroma and a soft breeze of Eucalyptus trees welcomes you to this beautiful home in the canyons of Hacienda San Joaquin. Perfect for anyone, this home is ideally positioned to enjoy year around spring time in Vilcabamba amidst serene nature. Living is relaxing in this impressive, generously spacious and exceptionally private and quiet residence surrounded by mountains. Spend your life away from the busy town life cocooned in nature and drive to the town in 15 minutes to enjoy city life. Wake up every day of the year to an orchestra of birds, spend your day in quietude in your private park and gardens, relax at night under a pitch black sky filled with shimmering stars and the surroundings buzzing with glowing fire flies. Salient features

1. The house has a very strong and high foundation, unlike most houses in Hacienda San Joaquin 2. The windows are bulletproof, when closed the house is almost sound proof and wind proof. Each window has its own lock and key. All doors opening outside are made of metal with special locking mechanism. 3. The entire property has an excellent drainage system. There are several stone and concrete drainage canals. 4. 5 camera surveillance system with email notifications. One can monitor the house online from anywhere in the world with a phone or computer. 5. There are 4 Irrigation water tanks which hold 10,000 litres of water. Entire property has automatic irrigation with sprinkler system. The sprinklers can be controlled from phone or computer from anywhere. 6. A private park with lawn and over 200 forestry, ornamental and fruit trees. (Mango, Citrus, Papaya, Bananas, Jackfruit, Pomegranate, Guanabana, Malayan Apple, Neem, Berries, Eucalyptus, Curry leaf, Cedro, Cyprus, Ficus, African Tulip, Jacaranda, Vuilco) 7. Labyrinth shaped veggie and flower garden, several other raised beds for veggies and flowers. 8. Retaining walls 10. Lots of storage space - 3 large lofts and several cabinets with Romerillo wooden doors. 11. High quality Terracota tiles 12. Hardwood floor for master bedroom. 13. Large kitchen and pantry - lots of space for 2 refrigerators, and several kitchen appliances 14. Big tool shed cum bodega for storing garden tools and supplies 15. Very long garden trellis for growing vines of all kinds (Gourds, grapes, climbing beans etc) 16. A short but private mountain trail, Concrete stairs for accessing irrigation tanks. 17. Over 100 coffee plants already producing 18. Fantastic mountain views from all over property. 19. Gated community with 24/7 security guards, Hiking trails, River park, Fiber optics internet connectivity, Potable and irrigation water, cobblestone driveway, HOA fees is $188 per month


Price: $ 450,000

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