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Beautiful waterfall in the center of the farm

Parte Alta
Cantzama Farm
By car


Farm of 23 hectares of semi-flat topography, it has a beautiful waterfall in the center of the farm, it also borders a river of crystal clear water, it has pasture for cattle, fruit trees, cocoa plants and primary forest.


Discover a 23-hectare paradise with semi-flat topography that contains the essence of nature. This estate, located in an idyllic setting, offers you a stunning setting with a beautiful waterfall that flows majestically through the center of the property. Immerse yourself in serenity as the estate borders a crystal-clear river that adds a touch of tranquility to this oasis.

Ideal for livestock farming, the farm has extensive grazing areas for livestock, ensuring a sustainable and productive environment. Additionally, the land is home to various fruit trees that provide delicious crops and cocoa plants, adding a special touch to the agricultural diversity. Explore the trails through the primary forest that enriches this landscape, offering a unique connection with the local flora and fauna.

This farm is much more than land; It is an opportunity to live in harmony with nature, enjoying the abundance it offers. With its unique features and extensive expanse, this property represents a significant investment for those seeking a natural retreat or agricultural endeavors.


Make this piece of paradise yours today!

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