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Farm "El Almendral"

Property Description

Located in the Province of Loja, which includes one of the 24 provinces that make up Ecuador, this province is located in the south of the country, in the inter-Andean or Sierra region.

It enjoys a variety of climates such as: tropical, semi-arid, temperate and cold, the temperate and subtropical climate extends in the parts of the plateaus; In the same way, it has an impressive variety of geographical features, from highlands and plateaus to valleys.

Location: Lot “A”- Hacienda “El Almendral”; El Almendral Sector; Parish: Casanga and Guachanama -Catacocha; Paltas canton, province of Loja -Ecuador.

Located 17 kilometers from the city of Catacocha, following the first order Pan-American route that leads from Loja to Macara and next to the south-western tourist corridor where we can find natural-looking riches such as "El Chorro", a spa with a that allows the community and tourists to enjoy the benefits of nature, continuing along the same route just 200 meters away is:

The Hacienda "El Almendral", a magical and paradisiacal place, with a private access, this hacienda has an area of ​​226.48 hectares, of which 25 hectares are exclusive for the production of fruit trees and plants typical of the place such as: papaya, oranges, yucca and a variety of citrus fruits; It currently has corn production.

In the same way, it has natural water throughout the year, which facilitates cultivation through irrigation canals.

It has a magnificent and elegant country house with two floors in the colonial style, fully adequate with: bedrooms, living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, cellars, as well as complete basic services such as: electricity, water, internet.

Its wide wooden corridors invite us to enjoy a scenic view of a fresh sunrise, as well as admire a magical sunset surrounded by different hills such as: the "Pizaca, the Guanchuro and the foothills of Catacocha, magical places that house a lot of history.

Its remaining 201 hectares have a forest of the place where it houses a variety of vegetation, animals, native birds of the place, the same ones that, having natural water springs, are optimal for the development of ecological tourism, rural tourism focused on hiking and walking. natural.

All this in a single paradisiacal extension called "HACIENDA EL ALMENDRAL"

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