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Property Description

In 5000 m2 of land, a natural garden has been developed with different varieties of bamboo, fruit trees such as: guaba, guava, banana, plantain, dragon fruit, cassava, tangerine, orange, sugar cane, red mulberry, wild granadilla, pineapple, custard apple. , mango, quince, different types of flowers, 3 varieties of ornamental palms have also been planted. Making this place very unique and enjoyable.

Easy access: Located in front of the town's soccer field, one block from the paved avenue, own access, wide flat space for parking or other type of use that you want to implement.

Ideal for development: Land with a flat topography and 100% usable, it has large areas where all types of construction can be carried out.

Crop area: If you want to grow your own food, there is a large area where the land has been carefully managed to be a crop area; there are drains, it has been fertilized, herbicides have NOT been used and it can be your future greenhouse.

Connectivity: It is connected to the drinking water network, water canal, electricity network, public sewerage, fiber optic internet and easy access to public transport buses.

Privileged location: Conveniently the property is located on the urban and rural border. This makes the property close to the town but not so close at the same time and thus be able to enjoy the benefits of being close to nature, feel and listen to the birdsong.

Constructions: Restored cabin-type house with 1 bedroom, 1 living room - cafeteria, 1 external bathroom, 1 study room or additional room, 1 kitchen - dining room with a large covered patio and place for hammocks.

In addition, you will have beautiful panoramic views of the mountains in front and everything around you. All this makes it a unique property.

Offer price!!

$130,000 dollars

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