Finca with excellent privacy

4 Hectares

Located on the Via al Pangui, San Roque sector, next to the main road, we find this beautiful property with 70% flatness, 20% semi-flat and 10% slope, which borders a beautiful river of pure water, surrounded by majestic vegetation. , the property in ecnuetra located in a sector of excellent land for crops.


$ 37.000

IMG_7330 copia.jpg

Genairo Ecological Community

1.5 Hectares

Located in the tiny community of Genairo – a rural, quiet, pristine and safe setting, just a few minutes (4km) drive (15-20 minute bicycle ride) to Zamora, the project is designed with natural, self-sufficient, sustainable living in mind.

Prince From

$ 28.000


Ideal farm for a healthy life

14.70 Hectares

Located 5.2 kilometers from the beautiful city of Chicaña, from where we have to walk around 40 min at a gentle pace, crossing beautiful areas until we reach the top of the pripeidad, where you can admire incredible views in 360 degrees.

Prince From

$ 38.000

Farm with house

2 bd  1 ba  13 hectares

It includes 13 hectares of land plus pig farm, fish tanks, cattle pasture, bordered by a beautiful stream, near the road.


$ 42.200


Magnificent farm ideal for project

100 Hectares

40 minutes from the Zamora terminal, we will head towards the Podocurpus National Park, next to protective forests is this beautiful property.Surrounded by beautiful mountains with native forest, we can also appreciate beautiful sunsets, as well as birds and diverse fauna of this magical place.


$ 250.000


Beautiful finca with good access

50 Hectares

Located 15 kilometers, forty minutes from Zamora, is this beautiful property full of green areas and water springs, with a private access by vehicle to the pedestrian bridge belonging to the property, it has a large plain in the lower part along to the river.


$ 97.000

The best farm

54 hectares for sale in Ecuador

Bordered by a beautiful river of clean water are located these productive lands mostly native forest serve as a shelter for pure water



Beautiful Farm  

72 hectares

Located a few minutes from this beautiful city is this farm of 72 ha of very fertile land and abundant clean water.




Exotic Hectares With waterfalls & Monkeys

90 Hectares

A tropical Amazon paradise with waterfalls, fertile soil, bamboo groves, howler monkeys, and an untouched river and streams! This 90-hectare (222-acre) property is just 10 minutes outside of Zamora at a slightly higher elevation so the climate isn’t as hot as areas east of Zamora. 


$ 175.000


Finca with privacy for community project

48.60 Hectares

Located on the el duende waterfalls route, 15 minutes by car and another 15 minutes on foot, you will find the ideal farm for your community project or others. It has the ideal privacy and many springs of crystalline water, with a very fertile land ideal for crops and more.

Prince From

$ 83.000


Beautiful Farm

44 hectares

Beautiful farm of 44 hectares with excellent panoramic views, tropical crops: yucca, bananas, guava, citrus, corn, sweet potato, Chinese potato, bananas, gayabas among others. With floods of clean water.



House in Zamora

4bd  4ba 2,852 sqft  lot 2,152 sqft

In the city of Zamora, precisely in the Sector Santa Elena is this beautiful house perfect to enjoy nature, rivers, flora and fauna.





Rondonia urbanization

Lot 200 sqft and 1118,38 sqft

Your investment opportunity
In Rondonia Urbanization
Lots from 400.05m2 to 1118.38 m2.

Price from:


Rent house for sale

land 640 m2 construction 250m2

House with Antiquity for sale in the Isidro Ayora neighborhood, with the best community benefits.



$ 88.500

Chonta Cruz Neighborhood Lot

Lot 14000 sqft

Beautiful lot of great extension, ideal for agriculture as to build some type of house.

Price from:


Lot with house

lot 1988 m2

Fertile land for cultivation, in turn for raising farm animals. House with 3 rooms.


$ 62.300

Beautiful House

Land 112 m2 construction 195,50 m2

Location a few minutes from the Unimax de las Pitas and 7 minutes from the Reina del Cisne terminal. TERRACE with projection cover for one more floor.


$ 77.999

Opportunity lot

lot 2999.73 m2

Great opportunity to acquire a large, semi-flat lot in the Carigan neighborhood.



$ 68.500

Lot Oriel

Lot 1,948.26 sqft

Economic lot in Jipiro Mirandor. It has all the basic services, excellent views of the city with an area of 281 m².



Semi-flat lot

lot 280 m2

A few minutes from the city center, with an excellent location, in a quiet area of the city.


$ 55.000

House with excellent location

Land 90 m2 construction 118 m2

Brand new houses for sale Avenida Alfonso Burneo a few minutes from Colegio Materdey
High added value area in the south of Loja.


$ 85.000

Menfis Central


Lot 1001,84 sqft 

Ideal for building or growing agricultural products.



Lot with beautiful


lot 1438 m2

With a great culture that entails a beautiful view of the city, a semi-flat lot.


$ 36.538

Lot Eugenio Espejo

Lot 1: 962,16 sqft 

Large lot for sale with excellent views of the city of Loja.





Land on sale

land 2686 m2

Beautiful land ideal for a holiday villa, surrounded by mountains, from which you can see wonderful sunsets.





A quiet house

3 bd  3 ba  330 m2   1,38 ha

Perfect for anyone, this home is ideally positioned to enjoy year around spring time in Vilcabamba amidst serene nature.



 Magic 3 houses 

1 Hectare

Situated at the end of a private valley, with stunning views and multiple water sources, you are both close to town, yet private, quiet..



next to Podocarpus

 87 Hectares

Located 2:30 hours on horseback from Vilcabamba, winding up into the gorgeous, lush, green Ecuadorian Andes





Productive farm

45 hectares

Located 20 km from the quiet city of Oña, in the upper part. There are 45 hectares of beautiful landscapes, exuberant and unique vegetation.


$ 105.000